Monday, February 3, 2014

Planning the garden 2014: Vegetables

My veggie garden in early July 2013
2013 was the first year I had an “actual” vegetable garden – not a little piece of another garden where I stuffed a tomato plant and a couple rows of beans, but an actual designated space for planting tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and more. I bought a four-section “polywood” raised bed garden from Sam’s Club, and proceeded to have all kinds of fun.

This is Poquito - cute, huh?
What worked? My cherry tomato plant, “Sweet 100” from HiWay Gardens, went crazy – well over 400 little red beauties (I kept track when I harvested because I’m crazy that way). Did well on beans too (those were for Dad), and was surprised at how well I did with a cute little Zucchini called Poquito – and by the fact that I actually liked zucchini! (When mixed with chocolate chips or lemon in bread form, of course!)

What didn’t work? On-Deck corn, which was supposed to grow in containers and small spaces – didn’t work well for me in either. I also tried planting a second season of beans – that one I was a couple of weeks late on (another reason I write things down!).

What’s up for 2014? Poquito’s coming back, and I’ll probably stick with the same tomato and pepper plants from HiWay that I used last year. I’ve purchased cucumber, bean and lettuce seeds, and some new strawberry shoots (I think mine are about 10 years old!). I also bought a blueberry bush - this year’s experiment!


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