Sunday, July 6, 2014


Reinvention takes time…

I recently started rethinking my blogging world because one of my writing sites seemed to be going down the drain quickly – a few days ago I found out my feelings were right, and the site was signing off shortly. Sadly, this was the site that gave me back my love of writing, but its demise is NOT going to take that love away from me.

I started many of my blogs as an outlet for things I couldn’t, for some reason or another, publish on other sites – too short, off-topic, different format, etc. Unfortunately, life got in the way, and trying to keep up with the other sites I write for – as well as the full-time, absolutely unrelated to anything job I have – pushed the blogs to the backburner.

I started thinking about combining all these topics – things that are important parts of my life – into one blog showcasing my Buffalo girl world:
  • My hometown – Buffalo!
  • My travels – my summer hobby
  • My home – inside and out
  • My foodie favorites – recipes, products, other blogs and more
  • My favorite sports – auto racing, hockey, lacrosse and baseball
  • My random, miscellaneous ramblings

That looks like quite a bit to put in one little blog, but there’s a lot of overlap:
  • My SPORTS TRAVEL adventures
  • The National GARDEN Festival in BUFFALO
  • FOOD – regional favorites and restaurants – in BUFFALO

My life, as you can see, is rather Buffalo-centric – I can’t imagine being anywhere else, and when I am, I usually can’t wait to get home (the exception to that possibly being Charlotte…). So journey with me into my Bflo Girl World – hopefully it will be any adventure!

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