Saturday, January 25, 2014

Planning the garden 2014: Sci-Fi/Fantasy garden

The Sci-Fi/Fantasy garden - 2013
I’ve got a small garden at the corner of my garage that has evolved over many years in both size and theme. For the last few years, and likely for many to come, it has been my Sci-Fi/Fantasy garden, thanks in most part to my love of Star Wars.

The first plant I found in 2012 was the Dark Angel Star Wars dahlia, a bushy plant with red and yellow flowers and burgundy foliage – it totally reminds me of Mustafar. The same year, I added the Darth Vader coleus from Rosy Dawn – dark and dramatic, like our favorite heavy-walking, heavy-breathing bad guy.

When both did well, I expanded on the Sci-Fi/Fantasy theme for 2013: enter the Lord Voldemort coleus, another bad dude wreaking havoc on the film world, also from Rosy Dawn. I love Rosy Dawn for unique coleus, which have become some of my favorite plants as a gardener.

For 2014, the collection grows again: Harry Potter’s owl Hedwig now has a coleus, and Game of Thrones enters the picture with coleus Moon and Stars, as Khaleesi always called Khal Drago. I also found a succulent called Hobbit from Michigan Bulb – gotta find a cool container for that one, because it’s not hardy in the B-lo zone.

I also found another element for the garden – check out that piece in another entry!

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