Sunday, August 3, 2014

Life imitates blog: A visit to the Art of Gardening Garden

When you see something enough in the online world, you sometimes have trouble realizing it really exists in the real world. That’s what happened on the recent Heart of Garden Walk Buffalo bus tour from Horizon Club Tours with Sally Cunningham.

Jim Charlier, former president of Garden Walk Buffalo and blogger behind Art of Gardening, and his wife opened their yard and gardens to us just before Garden Walk Buffalo weekend, and suddenly everything I saw on his blog was real…

 …the succulent frame
…the garden art

It was all right there to see with my own eyes – and my own camera.

As always, I take waaaay too many ideas away from other people’s gardens, and this one was no exception. Some of my favorite things:

Coleus and hostas in pots – if only the rabbits and deer didn’t like both soooo much…
The “rock garden”…
…complete with a list of where the rocks came from
Coleus with sweet potato vines in hanging baskets – BIG hanging baskets!
I would like to thank the Charliers for opening their yard and garden to us and many other garden junkies throughout the National Garden Festival and Garden Walk Buffalo.

all photos:

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