Saturday, September 13, 2014

2015 Chevrolet Colorado at Pocono Raceway

I am a long-time small truck girl – after my first car (1988 Ford Escort wagon), I’ve had trucks ever since – five Chevy S-10s, one Chevy Colorado and two GMC Canyons…then they were discontinued L

I’ve loved my three GMC Terrains, but I’m still a truck girl at heart – so I was overjoyed to hear the Colorado and Canyon were being re-introduced.

I was even more overjoyed when I got to see one up close.

Chevrolet has a HUGE display that goes around to race tracks, and they’re always at Pocono Raceway in the Fan Fair area. I was hoping – but not expecting – that they would have a Colorado. My father rounded the corner of the display before I did, stopped, turned around to me and said “Take deep breaths and don’t drool.”

Thanks Dad J

Dad checking out the Colorado
That truck was awesome! I think I took more pictures of it than of certain cars on the track – here are a few more shots of the new model:

rear seat area

front seat area

While I really liked the Colorado, I’m still going to go for the GMC (I just like the grill more – it’s beefier looking). I can’t wait to check them both out at the local dealers!

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