Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall décor: Deco Mesh Pumpkin

I became fascinated with deco mesh last year at Christmas, because Hobby Lobby had a WHOLE AISLE of the stuff. Then I started experimenting with it, and it ended up as bows on my outside light fixtures, and garland on one of my Christmas trees (again, yes, I said “one of”).

This year, the fascination continued, to the point where Mom and I decided to buy a book of wreaths and other projects (Leisure Arts’ Learn to Make Deco Mesh Wreaths). One that caught my eye was a pumpkin made using a wreath form – I’m more of a “fall” decorator than a “Halloween” decorator, so the pumpkin was nice and neutral.

I used:
  • 16” diameter wire wreath frame wrapped in orange (it’s available at Hobby Lobby in the “fall” section – regular price $6.99)
  • 30-foot roll of 21” wide orange deco mesh (used about 20 feet)
  • 5-1/2” wide brown or lime green deco mesh (I used brown and about 2-1/2 feet for bow)
  • 1-1/2” wide autumn-inspired wire edged ribbon (I used brown/green/cream metallic and about 2 feet for bow)
  • Brown or orange chenille stems (“pipe cleaners” when I was growing up!) – 2 to 3


1. Cut a 50” length of orange deco mesh and wrap around frame; gather ends at top and secure with chenille stem (leave loose – you’ll be adding more to it).

the wreath frame and deco mesh 
wrapping the frame in deco mesh and securing

2. Cut a 65” length of orange deco mesh and secure one end at top of pumpkin in same chenille stem. Wrap the deco mesh around the outside edge of the frame, and secure other end at top in chenille stem.

wrapping deco mesh around the edge of the frame

3. Cut two more 50” lengths of orange deco mesh. Wrap one length around frame as in step one, but favoring the left side of the frame; secure at top with chenille stem (you may need to use another one by now). Use the second length and do the same, favoring the right side of the frame; secure at top with chenille stem. Arrange the folds and openings to look “pumpkin-like” – you may want to use pins or glue to hold in place.

deco mesh completed

4. Make a deco mesh bow using brown or lime green deco mesh for placement at the “stem” on top – I made a simple quad-loop (four-loop) bow and held it together with another chenille stem while I made a second quad-loop bow out of the wire edged ribbon. I placed the two bows together in the chenille stem and attached it to the “stem” of the pumpkin.

hanging on my front door
I think I might trim some of the top "stem" down - I cut the deco mesh a little longer than I needed since the original instructions called for a 20" wreath frame and mine was a 16" frame.

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