Tuesday, August 25, 2015

BfloGirlGarden presents Garden Week: The big backyard project

A funny thing happens from late July to mid-August – life gets really busy. Trips, events, parties, just hanging out…you know how it is. So instead of trying to catch up on all the garden posts I missed, I’m just doing “Garden Week” (or at least four or five days!).

I’m going to start with the newest project first – my “back 40,” behind the shed. Ever since my fox family left from underneath the shed about 15 months ago, I figured it was time for a change back there – there was too much harborage for the fox family, and while they were cute, they did damage my shed (that was last year’s project!) and that didn’t make me happy.

It’s strange how you find a good thing – the owner of the company that did the backyard job (and later this year my front flower bed) is the step-father of one of our favorite former waitresses at our local pizza joint (she has since moved on :(). Lesson learned: it’s always a good thing to talk about random topics with people you kind of know!

Here are some of the before photos:

And here are a few after shots:

The orange line is for the new shade garden :)

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