Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Khalessi’s Garden: Month Two

So, this is what happens in Buffalo in the summer: It gets to be July, it gets to be busy, and then, by the time I have a chance to actually write something, it’s a few weeks later – like, August!

The new garden has, thankfully, more hits than misses – and most of the misses are of the cute, fuzzy tailed variety! While they stopped picking on Lord Voldemort, they started picking on the Dragon’s Blood Sedum like it was the only thing in the garden…so what’s left now has berry baskets covering them…they demolished two of the four plants…they are SO LUCKY they’re cute!

I looooove the Leia Aloha Lilies – they look like pink pineapples!

Both batches of Dark Angel Star Wars Dahlias are doing well – they’re actually HUGE!

Balerion (the Black Dread) is surrounded by Black Dragon Coleus…

…and one Black Dragon Coleus joins Red Witch, Fire Dragon and Yellow Dragon Coleus.

Hedwig Coleus is doing much better than Lord Voldemort, but he had his problems…

The Veronica is doing beautifully…

As is the Apocalypse Coleus (I REALLY need a new X-Men movie, like now!).

And Darth Vader Coleus is backing up the Dahlia quite nicely.

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