Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Beyond Khaleesi’s Garden: Heavy Metal

This could actually be a “Khaleesi’s Garden” post as well, because there’s plenty of metal in the new garden! There are two main areas that house my metal garden, the new garden and the shed.

I finally got all of my “pets” in the new garden, which features three dragons, one baby dragon and a unicorn/Pegasus, as well as a wind spinner (not pictured).

The shed garden features the solar-light wind spinner and two minis (without lights), two sets (two different sizes) of calla lilies, two hummingbird spinners, two daisies and letters spelling out “BLOOM.”

This idea started with the solar-light spinner from Plow & Hearth via QVC – that’s also where the smaller ones came from.

The callas were no brainers – they’re one of the flowers I love and have had absolutely NO LUCK growing! What I spent on the metal ones, that will last a long time, probably equals what I spent on unsuccessful bulb purchases!

I had one of the hummingbirds last year – had to have a pair!

And I just thought “BLOOM” was really cute :)

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