Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Beyond Khaleesi’s Garden: Proven Winners – Month Two

Time for an update on my Proven Winners goodies from May – there are still only two problems out of 18 plants, so I’m pretty impressed!

As mentioned previously, one of the Lemon Coral sedum died, but the other two are looking great!

The Summerific Perfect Storm hibiscus I received is no longer at a standstill – unfortunately, it’s very close to not even standing. This is a disappointment because I really love hibiscus.

On a happier note, the Meteor Shower verbenas that are in the same garden as the hibiscus are doing quite well.

The Fun and Games Leapfrog heucherella looks great huddled in with some other perennials, and the Magic Show Enchanted Indigo veronica is also looking good.

The three flowering shrubs I received are doing well, but a couple might need to be moved. Pink Mink clematis and Double Play Red spirea are both in my lilac/butterfly bush garden, but the clematis may need to be moved – it’s being overtaken by butterfly bush offshoots and I think the bunnies are getting at it! The spirea is also being crowded by butterfly bushes and dead nettle, so that may get a new home as well (or I’ll remove some of the other plants – it looks quite happy there!).

The Tuff Stuff hydrangea is looking nice as well.

As for the other annuals, Superbells Holy Moly! calibrachoa and Campfire Fireburst bidens are looking good in their containers.

Another container featuring purchased Proven Winners plants is looking fabulous – I’m always amazed by the Chocolate Drop trailing coleus.

Proven Winners provided me with many of the above-mentioned plants. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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