Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Beyond Khaleesi’s Garden: Proven Winners – Month One

It’s been about one month since I received my big package of goodies from Proven Winners, and for the most part I’m pretty happy. I did lose one of the sedum – it just disintegrated – and the hibiscus seems to be at a stand-still right now, but 16 out of 18 success stories isn’t bad at all!

The sedum in question is called Lemon Coral (available spring 2016). It’s very cool – and it looks even cooler in this stone-like planter set in a metal chair! In spite of losing one, I really like it and will likely look for it in stores.

I mixed Superbells Holy Moly! calibrachoa and Campfire Fireburst bidens (both available spring 2016) in two different containers – one containing two of each and one where I mixed one of each with a Chocolate Drop trailing coleus.

The three Meteor Shower verbenas (available spring 2016) were added to a small garden (left in front of fencing) which also includes the Summerific Perfect Storm hibiscus (available spring 2016) and a previously-purchased Summerific Summer Storm hibiscus.

As mentioned previously, the Magic Show Enchanted Indigo veronica (now available) landed in my Sci-Fi/Fantasy garden and is doing well, while the Fun and Games Leapfrog heucherella (now available) landed in a perfect spot in my “air conditioner” garden on the west side of my house.

The three flowering shrubs I received were plants I had never considered buying previously, so I’m very interested to see how they work out. I planted Tuff Stuff hydrangea (now available) on the east side of the house (my garden project for next year!), because my neighbor has hydrangea on the east side of her house – and they’re beautiful.

Pink Mink clematis (now available) and  Double Play Red spirea (available spring 2016) both made their way into my lilac/butterfly bush garden, the clematis sneaking into an empty spot where I could brace up a trellis and the spirea replacing a butterfly bush that had seen its final days.

Proven Winners provided me with many of the above-mentioned plants. All ideas and opinions are my own.

all photos: paulathompsonfreelance.com

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