Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Khaleesi’s Garden: Easy plant markers

I knew I would have to integrate plant markers into the new garden so I had the full effect of what it was all about – just in case I wasn’t around to explain it to someone. The coleus I purchased from Rosy Dawn Coleus are easy – they come with “name tags.” Some of the others needed their own “name tags.”

Michael’s had a terrific sale Memorial Day weekend – 60-percent of their Make Market line and an additional 20-percent off the entire purchase – SCORE! I had cork in mind for these plant markers, and I knew Make Market had some big bags of cork pieces that would probably last me the rest of my life! I picked up these, plus some waterproof floral tape and some green wood stems. (*note – All items were purchased by me.) (*note 2 – this isn’t all I bought! Stay tuned to see what else I made for the garden!)

These were really easy to make:

Take a piece of cork and a stem and center the stem on one side of the cork.

Starting on the back of the cork, put a strip of floral tape around the center of the entire piece of cork, securing the stem to the back and creating two writing areas on the front of the cork piece.

Secure the stem to the cork and the top and bottom of the piece of cork with additional tape.

On the front of the cork, using a Sharpie or (waterproof) ink marker, write the name of the plant.

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