Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Khaleesi’s Garden: The big debut

As far as planting goes, Khaleesi’s Garden is complete.

The tour begins at the north end of the garden, featuring the Darth Vader coleus and Dark Angel Star Wars dahlia (three clumps).

Next up, the coleus called Apocalypse, also the name of the next big X-Men movie.

This is one of the perennials I received from Proven Winners, a Veronica…it nearly went in another spot, until I remembered that Veronica is the nickname of the Hulkbuster in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Welcome to the garden, Veronica.

Harry Potter, represented by Hedwig and Lord Voldemort.

The Game of Thrones section, featuring Dragon’s Blood sedum (in pots), Red Witch coleus, Yellow Dragon, Black Dragon and Fire Dragon coleus, and my new windspinner (“Sun and Stars” being Dany’s pet name for Khal Drogo).

Oh…Hi, baby dragon! (the others are still in the house.)

And at the south end of the garden, more Star Wars – Dark Angel Star Wars dahlia in front (three more clumps), the Jedi Free Spirit daylily and the Leia Aloha lily in the rear (along fence).

I’ll be posting more pictures of the garden throughout the summer – and a few visitors along the way!

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