Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Beyond Khaleesi’s Garden: The Rest of the Gardens

I’ve focused on the new garden and the Proven Winners collection so far, but this time let’s look at some of my other plantings around the homestead.

I went a little crazy with the Perilla this year – I bought eight! – but they do so well out in front of the porch it was a no-brainer. Behind them will be cannas and zinnias (from seed).

This is one of my favorite hanging baskets this year, and I think I’m going to buy this combination for all the baskets next year! It’s a combo of Petunia Baby Duck and Sophistica Blackberry from Burpee and Grape Supercal Petchoa from Jung Seeds.

This may be the combo for this container forever also! It’s Petunia Cascadias Autumn Mystery (Lavocat’s), Sweet Potato Vine Bright Ideas Black (HiWay Gardens) and Petunia Stonewashed Crazytunia (Jung).

My huge canna garden – the home of my “pet” hummingbird once they bloom!

Possible my favorite garden ever, the area surrounding my air conditioner fills in beautifully even this early in the season.

The hibiscus and coneflower garden is also filling in nicely.

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