Tuesday, September 15, 2015

BfloGirlGarden: Khaleesi’s Garden wrap-up

This was my fun project for the year, and for years to come as well. From collecting “dragons” to finding the perfect wind spinner to telling the story of the garden to anyone who would listen, I loved my little corner of Sci-Fi/Fantasy in the garden (my kind of geekery!). Since this was the first year for the large garden (it was previously much smaller), I learned a few things, like:

Hedwig gets MUCH BIGGER than Lord Voldemort (remember, the “t” is silent!).

Hedwig (left) and Lord Voldemort (right)

The Red Witch has a BIG ego (she must go to the background next year – sorry, sweetie!).

yes, that is just one coleus plant!

Belarion was engulfed by these Black Dragon coleus.

there is a dragon in there...

Bunnies like the Dragon Blood sedum…1) must buy more, 2) must cover them earlier!

munching bunnies lead to...strawberry basket covers!
(I kinda miss those types of strawberry baskets!)

And a few more photos of the garden in its glory:
Apocolypse...sooooo need that movie already!!

King Peter's Unicorn protecting his end of the garden

Baby Dragon :)

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