Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Beyond Khaleesi’s Garden: The colors of fall

The gardens are looking a little sad as the days get cooler and shorter, but there is still some beautiful fall color to be seen - deep burgundy, bright red, yellow and orange featured on all different types of plants and flowers.

Sedum are a great fall plant for color, especially the beautiful Autumn Joy.

Coleus also have staying power as foliage plants with vibrant colors. A similar plant, the perilla, also looks great in a fall garden.

Color and height make zinnias a great flower for the fall garden – its colors compliment fall plants like sedum and mums, while taller ones provide a great color backdrop for shorter plants.

Dahlias continue to bloom in both tall dinner plate styles and shorter mum-like styles – the Dark Angel Star Wars dahlia totally reminds me of fall (and Mustafar…).

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