Friday, March 20, 2015

2015 Buffalo Bucket List

Last year, I made myself a Buffalo Bucket List of places I wanted to explore in the area – I made it to five of the 10 places listed. Here’s my updated list for 2015 – five from last year and five new ones!

  • Erie Basin Marina Trial Garden – visited this on a Garden Festival bus trip a few years ago – hopefully this will still be on Garden Walk Buffalo’s drop-off route.
  • Seneca Niagara Casino – I haven’t been to the casino in over three years – therefore I haven’t seen the updates!
  • Buffalo Bisons game – I haven’t been to a Bisons game in years either – affordable fun!
  • Buffalo Bites food tour – I saw a television piece on Ch. 2 about these tours a couple of years ago – I immediately said, “I need to go on one of these!”
  • Buffalo Central Terminal – the Central Terminal is being renovated to its former glory – my uncle is one of the retired volunteer sheet metal workers who have already reconstructed some of the pieces.

New adventures:
  • Canalside – this was actually one of last year’s items, and I did make it there – but that was before the HarborCenter, (716) and Tim Horton’s opened, and all the other changes! I need to go back!
  • Lewiston Gardenfest – I always tend to hit the same Garden Walks – Amherst, Williamsville, Parkside, Capen – so this year I want to hit at least one new one, and Lewiston is such a beautiful area as it is, that’s my planned adventure (along with a few others I hope!).
  • Darwin Martin House – I’ve looked at the outside while on the Parkside Garden Tour, but I haven’t been on the inside since I was in elementary school – before most of the work was done.
  • Melting Point – a restaurant dedicated to grilled cheese sandwiches? Yes please!
  • Buffalo Zoo – I haven’t been to the Zoo in a couple years, and I want to see the new giraffes and Luna and Kali’s new digs!

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