Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Khaleesi’s Garden: A Targaryen Needs Her Dragons…

Daenerys Targaryen may very well be my favorite television character since the maddening and moody Fox Mulder. Much like Mulder, she is both maddening and moody, but she has reason to be – she is the Mother of Dragons, after all.

Our favorite Khaleesi hatched her three dragons into the World of Ice and Fire and, like most mothers, had little luck controlling her growing “children.” I pray that I won’t have that problem in Khaleesi’s Garden – see, my dragons are made of metal…

standing and resting dragons

I curse Plow & Hearth some days – and QVC too, for they now carry P&H, making it much too easy for me to buy things. The first dragon I picked up was from the Q, the standing dragon. I then discovered on the P&H website a resting dragon, and of course, I needed a third, so that one – I’ll call him Balerion, after the Black Dread – came from a P&H sister site, Wind & Weather. Of course, the Q then debuted P&H’s baby dragon, who was just so stinkin’ cute I had to have him.

"Balerion" and Baby Dragon
So now I have four dragons, currently waiting for the ground to thaw and a new garden to be built, ready to join a number of other sci-fi and fantasy-related plants and ornaments.

Is it wrong that I’m scouring the internet for instructions to make dragons’ eggs?

photos: paulathompsonfreelance.com

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