Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy holidays…

I love Christmas – from the music to the cookies, from gifting to – especially – decorating!

Here’s a quick tour of my trees – all 11 of them!

Left - my main tree/ purple and white lights, top right - miniatures tree (mostly Hallmark)/
red and green lights, bottom right - racing minis tree/multi-color lights
top left - teal and purple tree in living room, bottom left - Coca Cola minis tree (white lights),
top right - baking tree in kitchen (white lights), bottom right - Hallmark bakers trees in kitchen
(with Temp-tations minis)

left - teal and purple tree in foyer/pink, teal and purple lights, top right -
teenie beanie tree in craft room (white lights), bottom right - sports tree in office

And the outdoors…

Of course, then it all has to come down – until next year!

Happy holidays!!

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