Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Improve in the kitchen: Strawberry Santas

Thanks to the folks at Driscoll’s for contacting me with this opportunity. All experiences herein are my own.

I love strawberries…and blueberries…and raspberries…OK, berries in general. The folks at Driscoll’s offer up some of the best berries in the business – great taste, large berries and sturdy packaging that I can reuse for seedlings! A few weeks ago, I was contacted about trying out their Strawberry Santas project/recipe (it’s a little bit of both!) – find the recipe here.

credit: Driscoll's
Of course, I had to try them myself, and, as usual, this led to some kitchen improv: I couldn’t find chocolate wafer cookies, I couldn’t get blueberries and I’m not a huge fan of cream cheese. Enter peanut butter cookies left over from holiday cookie trays, blackberries and ricotta cheese.

This was attempt No. 1 – it’s not perfect, and not nearly as cute as the ones from Driscoll’s…but I will not let that stop me! I’m going to try them again!

There are some other great recipes at the Driscoll’s website – look for other ideas in future posts!

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